Monday, June 6, 2016

Acacia Research Group Report - June 2016

I have a new Acacia report available for purchase.  Publicly traded patent investments can be very difficult to understand and analyze by investors, which this report should help clarify the lack of information and improve visibility on the company.  The patent companies are also very limited in what they are able to disclose and communicate with investors.  The report should provide much needed clarity on the investment along with my opinions/estimates on the company's portfolios and expected licensing.  The content and methodology in the report is how I am able to get very close in my quarterly earnings previews and provides reasonable estimates when settlements are disclosed.  It is likely the only piece of public research on Acacia that quantifies their portfolios and backs into prior agreements with a high success rate.  While the company provides a litigation calendar on their website, there is nothing else available that quantifies the calendar in a forward looking model.

Content Included:

Updated Court Calendar
Patent Portfolio Break Down
Past Marquee Portfolio License Estimates
Future Licensing Model by Defendant
2012 - 2016 Quarterly Revenue Analysis 

The report should be very helpful to investors, other patent companies, and investment analysts. 

I have a preview of the 2015 version for anyone interested.

The report will be available for purchase exclusively for a short period of time.  The cost is $800.  How to purchase?  Email saying that you want to purchase a copy of the report.  I will send an invoice through Paypal.  Once the invoice is paid I will forward over the report.  You do not need to be a member of Paypal and they will process through a credit card.  I will also make myself available by phone for any questions.