Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/2014 PIPCO Pre-Market News

Acacia (ACTG) announced a patent license and settlement with Videx, Inc under its O.S Security LLC subsidiary.  This represents Acacia's 6th announced patent license so far in Q1 2014.

Spherix (SPEX) announced a patent llicense and settlement with an undisclosed party under its CompuFill patent portfolio.  This is the 2nd settlement under this portfolio with Spherix.

Straight Path IP (STRP) announced a patent settlement with  Terms were not disclosed.

Filings from Friday:

Acacia (ACTG) had an amended ownership filing from FMR LLC who disclosed a 15% position with 7,489,012 shares.  This is up from their 2/14/2013 filing which disclosed a 9.1% position with 4,553,595 shares.

Blue Calypso (BCYP) agreed to amend their agreement with the warrant holder, extending the reduction period to March 10, 2014.  The warrant strike price was reduced from $.10 to $.05.

Marathon Patent Group (MARA) filed a Form RW to withdrawal their $6M S-1 filing from December 31, 2013:

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