Monday, December 9, 2013

Goal of My Blog

The coverage of PIPCOs (Publicly Traded IP Companies) is extremely fragmented with a very poor news flow and analysis.  The majority of information is circulated across a variety of financial message boards, which leads to a massive amount of speculation based on hope/opinions instead of facts.  The analysts who cover the space try to pigeon hole a dynamic space with many grey areas into a traditional formula used historically in evaluations.  It doesn't work and leads to many errors and mistakes.  There are varying perspectives investors need to have in order to invest in publicly traded IP companies.  The news flow can come from many different angles under a variety of scenarios that can affect each investment differently.

It is important for investors to understand that IP investments are extremely complicated and can be valued irrationally bullish or bearish for a long time.  Often times there is more information that investors do not know than they do.  PIPCOs are very careful in what they say and very often do not provide similar color as other investments due to legal reasons.  Investors are often left on a stranded island to put together the pieces.

The goal of my blog is to put the pieces together that both institutional level and retail investors can understand.  I am also available offline and can be reached at for real time analysis and perspective.  I will also keep contributing to SeekingAlpha and IAM-Magazine.

None of my writings should be considered investment advice and readers should always speak with their registered representative before making any financial decisions.

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