Monday, May 19, 2014

5/19/2014 Lunch Update

Nothing to report news wise.  The sector is trading green today, trading very closely in sentiment with the Russell 2000.

EONC continues to bounce off the recent low levels on high volume, up 34% on 560K shares.  I saw an uncompensated email solicitation earlier today promoting the investment.  I highly doubt the company is involved and it is likely a trading group looking to take advantage of the low float to create fast gains.

PRKR is down almost 10% on pretty strong volume so far today, most likely due to the seekingalpha article published this morning.  I wrote a comment in the comments section that might be worthwhile to read.

SPEX is down 6% on average volume as the trading groups look quiet on twitter after the recent conference call shareholder update.  I like the company, management, and IP, which I believe is a compelling risk/reward situation.  Would like the trading groups to stop whipsawing the stock price around.

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