Friday, May 2, 2014

5/2/2014 PIPCO Pre-Market News

Parkervision (PRKR) provided an update on its litigation against Qualcomm.  From the PR:

"The Court ruled from the bench on a number of the outstanding motions during yesterday's hearing. Specifically, the Court denied Qualcomm's motion for JMOL (Judgment as a Matter of Law), as well as its request for a new trial on damages. The Court also denied ParkerVision's motions for JMOL or a new trial on willfulness, and its motion for a permanent injunction against Qualcomm. The Court has not yet ruled on Qualcomm's outstanding JMOL motions regarding invalidity and infringement, or on ParkerVision's outstanding motion for ongoing enhanced royalties and pre- and post-judgment interest.
The Court ordered the parties to confer in order to determine if an agreement can be reached regarding an ongoing royalty rate and the calculation of pre- and post-judgment interest. The parties are required to report the results of their meeting to the Court within 30 days."

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