Friday, May 23, 2014

5/23/2014 Lunch Update

The IP sector is up close to 2% again with strong moves being made in a number of names.  The broad market is also helping, giving a further boost to the space.  The sector has been performing very well after patent reform was killed in the senate.  I blogged yesterday about my thoughts and a proposal for changes.

EONC is up 17% on light volume. It appears the trading groups are done for now.

NTIP is up 14% on heavy volume after the company announced the PTAB ruled in favor of NTIP in their Inter Partes Review.

SPEX is up 6% on high volume after a blog was published on  I urge caution reading the blog as it has some errors and misconceptions.  I like the risk/reward of SPEX and own stock, but believe these blogs and inaccurate articles do more bad than good for a long term investment.

VHC is up 5% on average volume after yesterday's annual shareholder meeting.  Notes can be found on and on  There was also some confusion this morning with CJ Rader stepping down as Chief Justice.  He will remain at the Fed Circuit. The appeal should not be affected.

VRNG continues to trade higher off recent lows up 2% on high volume after they submitted an update to the CAFC regarding their laches issue with a recent decision from SCOTUS.

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