Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5/27/2014 Lunch Update

The open was trading gone wild and has continued to hold gains with SPEX, DSS, MARA and VRNG with strong gains, on above average volume.  The sector is up a little over 1.6% after opening up over 2.2% in the first 20 minutes of trading.  I am seeing very high activity from trading groups on twitter who are taking advantage of the low float nature of many of these investments.

The senate patent bill was shelved almost two weeks ago and the space saw an increase of $404M week over week, from the numbers on Friday.  The rally is continuing with the perception of the investment risk changing.  The last barrier should be the upcoming SCOTUS decision on software patents in the Alice v CLS, which should be out next month.

BCYP continues to trade weak, down 9% on 345K shares, even after insiders were buyers of shares in the open market.  I believe the PTAB IPR stay on district court is weighing on the investment. 

DSS continues to trend higher on above average volume up 9%.

MARA is making new all-time highs up 7.6% on above average volume.

SPEX is up 70% on extreme volume of 24.4M shares.  It has traded through the current OS and almost through the fully diluted share count.

VRNG is up 4.5% on high volume after this weekend's seekingalpha.com article.

WILN is up 2.5% on average volume after announcing a 10% share buyback authorization.

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