Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3/18/2014 PIPCO Pre-Market News

Straight Path Communications (STRP) reported results for Q2 FY 2014.


Virnetx (VHC) a filing was briefly made public at the PTAB revealing a new order in the RPX inter partes reviews.  Based on issues raised in Virnetx's preliminary response and petitions, the PTAB is seeking further briefing from RPX to clarify their relationship with Apple.  RPX also needs to clarify their citations to the prior art that their declarant refers to.  My opinion is as follows, it appears on the surface that Virnetx has submitted reasonable evidence tying RPX to Apple.  Virnetx needs to do everything in their power to prevent the reviews from being instituted and if they are, to defend their IP to survive the review.


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